Eid Photo Contest!

Congratulations to all our 10 winners of Eid Photo Contest (27 – 31 August 2012)! Here are the photos of the winners.





























mig33 Official COACH Program

Hi migLovers!

The mig33 team is proud to introduce the pioneers of our COACH program.

As part of this program, the mig33 team will carefully select userswho are active in welcoming new users to mig33 and helping them with their journey. We’re also on the lookout for users who have good rapport with others, are super passionate about mig33, and know everything about mig33!

Selected coaches will receive special training from our Management, help users to learn and use mig33′s fun features, learn to make new friends, play games and have loads of fun while doing it!

Let’s welcome our first 20 Coaches:

1. khabila_shordar
2. badhon_nsb
3. a_boy_
4. aj_extrem
5. shamim2p
6. swit_chilli
7. swastik08
8. vaisaak
9. benyso
10. ikainhere
11. charien_narziz
12. akbar4
13. alwaysz_me
14. abiofkapan
15. bishal_revenger
16. drifterlife
17. speed-car
18. kitkat_twix
19. trianesta
20. fml

If you need any help on how to enjoy mig33′s Chat, Groups, Miniblog or others, don’t hesitate to contact any of our COACH or head on over to our Official Help Chatroom ‘mig feed’ to meet the Coaches!

P.S. For the rest of you who think you have what it takes to be a COACH, continue helping out in the community – trust us, we’ll spot you!
Note that the program is not by application, but through selection by the Management.

Costume Fantasia – The beautiful card game from Japan.

Costume Fantasia – the Japanese card game which became a great hit has come to mig33! Feel the fantastic beauty of Japan.
The game is based in the near future, the age people came to admire the beauty of women more than anything. One day, Costume King, who lead the mysterious costume corps, declared his conquest of the world. Under his conquest with the overwhelming beauty, a beautiful girl organized ‘Coschild’, the corp which aim to defeat Costume King. You join Coschild as a costume maestro and fight against Costume King.
You will find a lot of costume girls designed beautifully in Japanese style. As you progress in the game, You will gain more beautiful rare cards. Now Let’s get started and enjoy the attractive world of Costume Fantasia!

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