Noticed something different?

Hey migLovers,

We’re pretty sure you’ve noticed the changes we’ve rolled out earlier. Don’t worry, we’re still all about connecting friends and making new ones!

We’ve simplified everything. Our new look is cleaner, simpler and clearer. It’s easier to find what you want, so you can just focus on having fun.


Basically, we’ve revamped the Miniblog and implemented some performance enhancements so that you can access all that you want, with fewer clicks. It’s now even easier to use – so you save time, money (on data) and can have more fun!
- Discover what’s hot on mig33 – we’re getting better at serving up content just for you.
- Chatroom recommendations – be in on the hot and trending conversations now! Choose how you want to view your feed – toggle between a portrait view, or gallery view.
- We’ve updated your profile – you’ll notice that you have a cover page too – that will soon be customizable as well!
(Psst… for users on Java-enabled phones, we’re getting this feature to you very soon!)

Web client

We’ve spent a lot of time thinking, learning and experimenting with this, always trying to improve the way we do things. We think you’d agree with us that this is the best looking version that we have so far… and it’s only going to get better!

Besides the new look and feel, we’ve made everything more customizable for you. We understand that each of you aren’t just unique in your personalities; the way you use mig33 is different too. You can now “float” your windows and move them around your window, or choose to minimize your chat manager if you want to focus on your Miniblog feed.


Never lose a message or miss a chat!

It doesn’t matter if you switch from your web to your mobile device or back again. It doesn’t even matter if you’re not logged in. You are now able to receive messages even if you are offline, and access chat logs from any device.

We keep you in the conversation, no matter where you are, or what you do.

You’ll also find that we’ve come out with a new logo and look! Our new logo is a simplified version of the old – but we’ve got bold, new colors! Red for the burning passion we have within the community, and blue for the steadfast relationships we hold on to :)

Our new tagline is dedicated to all of you – it embodies the fun you have here, the bold and confident personalities we have. All of you have played a big role in molding mig33’s brand identity, and we thought we’d use your personalities in our tagline. It’s something cool to say to others too:
“mig33. It’s fun! Are you?”

We’ve listened, and this one’s for you. Hope you like it!

Our journey has just started. This milestone only marks the beginning of something
even more exciting. In the days ahead, we will be updating and refreshing the
clients and creating new and meaningful content.

You can expect more good things to come into mig33, so you can get even more out of it.

Keep the feedback coming in with the #feedback hashtag on Miniblog or contact us at!

Your friends at mig33.

Just keep chatting.

Imagine a world where you can continuously chat and have fun with friends. Space and time shouldn’t stop you from connecting with people…

Guess what? It’s going to be possible soon! (You don’t even need superpowers.) With our next update, it doesn’t even matter where you are, or whether you’re logged in or not.

Be patient… it’s coming!

Your friends at mig33.

A new logo. A new experience. More fun.

We were thinking about you guys while working on your feedback. We know how passionate you all are, and we thought that it would be a good time to update our look, while upgrading your mig33 experience.

So get ready for something new and easy to use, but still lets you hang out with friends, have fun and discover new ones on mig33! Hang on to your seats, migLovers…

Something big is coming!

Your friends at mig33.

Psst… here’s a sneak peek:

[NEW GAME] The Gardener – be the richest farmer today!

Starting today you can play [The Gardener] on mig33 for mobile browsers (WAP)!

Always had a green thumb? With [The Gardener], you can create and manage your
own perfect farm, make new friends and build alliances to become the top farmer in the world. It’s not just about plants – take care of animals, make preserves in the cellar, and more!

Don’t forget, playing The Gardener and other social games regularly will help your migLevel grow.

How To Play:
1) Go to the ‘Official Gardener Game’ group
2) Click ‘PLAY NOW’

Note: Currently, this game is only available for mig33 on mobile browser (WAP)Title

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