[BOLLYWOOD ZONE] Put your Bollywood knowledge to the test with our new Ra.One Quiz!

Calling all Bollywood lovers!

You’ve seen all the Bollywood movies, you know the songs by heart, can mouth the dialogues of all the films, and dance along to their moves.

Prove to us that you know everything about Bollywood in the Ra.One quiz! Answer all our questions right and compete with other Bollywood lovers at mig33. Do you have what it takes?

How do I take the quiz?
1. Go to the “Official Bollywood Zone” Group
2. Click “Play Bollywood Zone”
3. Select the “Ra.One Quiz”

Note: This is only available for the mig33 Java Client and WAP.

Log in to mig33 to take the quiz now!

The mig33 Team


[NEW GAME] Hang Machi

Hey mig33ers,

Dino is a friendly dinosaur that loves playing outside. He had wandered into the woods one day and accidentally stumbled into the Cave of Trap – a magical cave that won’t let him out unless he guesses a few correct words! Poor Dino can’t seem to guess them, and we’re hoping you can help!

Help Dino escape in Hang Machi by uncovering the right letters in a few hidden words to get out of the cave! But be careful – Dino gets injured with every wrong guess.

Good luck in your quest – top players will win fantastic prizes, so hurry off to put your word guessing skills to good use!

Log in to mig33 to play Hang Machi now!

How do I play the game?

1) Go to “Official Hang Machi Game” Group
2) Click “Play Hang Machi now”!

Note: This is only available for the mig33 version 4.2 and above.

The mig33 Team


[NEW GAME] Acak Kata!

Attention all mig33ers!

All the words in the Bahasa Indonesia – English dictionary have been scrambled and mixed up. Everyone in mig33 is getting quite confused…

Practice your vocabulary by helping us unscramble words in Bahasa Indonesia, and translating them to English. Think you’re better at word games than your friends? Challenge them on Acak Kata to a vocabulary duel!

Keep playing to increase your total score and you will be rewarded when you rise up the ranks!

Log in to mig33 to play Acak Kata now!

How do I play the game?

1) Go to “Official Acak Kata Game” Group
2) Click “Play Acak Kata now”!

Note: This is only available for the mig33 version 4.2 and above.

The mig33 Team



[New Game] Fun Factory!

Hey mig33ers,

Have you always wanted to run your own business, climb your way to the top of the industry, and become a huge success? Now you can with our spanking new game, Fun Factory!

Build the biggest Factory among your friends! Trade resources with friends to help upgrade each other’s Factories, or Steal their resources to sabotage them instead!

Let’s see who can get the highest number of Trade Points!

Choose your own path to success in Fun Factory today!

Mobile: Go to the “Official Fun Factory Group” -> Click “Play Fun Factory now!” 
PC: Log in through “wap.mig33.com” -> Go to “Games” -> Click “Fun Factory”

Don’t wait! Log in to mig33 and try it out now!

Happy playing!
The Fun Factory Team


Download now to play EA games on mig33!

Announcing the arrival of great EA mobile games on mig33!

Lead your team to glory with FIFA, the world’s # 1 football game! Experience the thrill of pure racing when you get behind the wheel of Need for Speed, the word’s #1 racing franchise.

Live better, look better and play better at The Sims™! Don’t forget to choose your Sim’s appearance, clothing and accessories. Like puzzles? Then you’ll love matching sparkling gems and making them burst in showers of points in Bejeweled. Prepare to be dazzled!

Head into battle with Worms. Fight with classic weapons and on multiple skill levels, from Easy to Insane. Or mobilize for an action-strategy blitz with Command & Conquer, the most-gripping RTS sci-fi saga.

Don’t miss out on these fun-filled games! Log in to mig33 to play today!