Important Notification on Frozen mig33 ID

Dear Valued mig33 Users,

We have identified a migCredit transaction error on 19 July 2011, 1300-1530hrs (GMT+8) that affected some User accounts.

The problem has since been contained and below were the actions taken to resolve the issue:

1. Temporarily freeze all user accounts that had any types of migCredit transactions between 19 July 2011, 1300 – 1530hrs (GMT+8)
2. Reversed transactions that are wrong
3. Check the affected user accounts again
4. Unfreeze user accounts that have been cleared

Details of the changes made to the affected accounts are reflected in the “transaction history”.

Teams are currently working on a full investigation and an update will be provided as soon as the investigation is completed.

We thank you for your kind understanding and patience during this down-time. We deeply regret any inconveniences caused.
Our priority and commitment is to provide top quality and secure entertainment to our valued users.

Call us at +1408459610 if further assistance is needed.

Best regards,
The mig33 Team


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